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CPU cores
2 core(s)
512 GB
SSD storage
80 GB
NL-SAS storage
0 GB
Backup storage
160 GB
IPv4 addresses
1 address(es)
54.20 € / 30d
0.0752764 € / h

Hourly resource metering means that you can scale your servers to accommodate for usage peaks,
scale them back down a few hours later and only pay extra for the time you had the resources allocated.

Resourceshour30 days
1 CPU core0.01094 €7,88 €
1 GB RAM0,0119808 €8,63 €
Backup storage, per GB0,0000693 €0,05 €
1 GB of disc storage (NL-SAS)0,000125 €0,09 €
1 GB of disc storage (SSD)0,0004166 €0,30 €
1 Public IPv4-adress0,00299 €2,15 €
1GB egress traffic, first 5GB free per month0.0325 €0.0325 €