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Simple – Easy to use – 10x faster!

flexible enterprise SSD cloud

in minutes

  • Autoscale
  • 100% Uptime

only the best hardware

Performance and reliability

SuperMicro Ultra-series servers with Intel Xeon E5 v4 processors provide a fast and robust platform for all workloads.

Enterprise SSD

Both Samsung solid state drives for maximum I/O performance and nearline SAS storage for affordable high capacity storage.


Solid network

Quad port Intel 10Gb network adapters connected to high-performance Juniper switches and routers ensure a low latency and high throughput.

flexible and powerful interfaces and tools

Easiy build, restart, scale, reimage, console, add disks, IPs and much more
All servers are completely identical in hardware, software, API and features.
Simple, standardised, enterprise, global cloud the way it should be.

SuperCloud powered by OnApp

SuperCloud is powered by OnApp - the platform behind cloud services for thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users and millions of virtual servers – including an estimated 1 in 3 of the world’s public clouds.

It’s an end-to-end solution for private, public and hybrid cloud management, with multi-HV, multi-location and multi-cloud support; automation for a huge range of virtual and dedicated appliances; a complete set of orchestration and go-to-market tools; and the industry’s most intuitive, customizable admin and end user portal.


SuperCloud Storage is a high-performance distributed SAN built into the Supercloud platform. It gives you fast, resilient and scalable storage for your cloud based on enterprise solid state drives.

Application Servers

Application Servers are an add-on to the SuperCloud platform. They give your customers and users instant access to a library of hundreds of SaaS and PaaS applications, which deploy in your cloud in a couple of clicks – including their databases – and are managed just like virtual servers.

Container Servers

SuperCloud gives you a framework for Docker containers to be deployed in your cloud. Container Servers are based on a CoreOS template.

They give you all of the intuitive provisioning and management of standard virtual servers, but with the tools to enable your clients to run Docker and Kubernetes.

Container Servers also provide full customization via CoreOS Cloud Config, through the cloud dashboard. They’re a path towards a much more intuitive, easier to manage implementation of cloud hosted Docker.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Monitoring is an additional paid service.

100% SLA

We deliver 100% availability of hardware and network or pay you 10x Pro-Rata Credits


Scale your resources up and down on demand by exactly the components you need

powerful inclusive features



Take snapshots on demand, and on a daily, weekly or monthly auto schedule. Use them to clone or replicate your servers or as master templates for scaling



Every server you build includes a comprehensive and powerful platform based firewall. Offload firewalling to our cloud


Nearline storage

For archive, backup and low cost yet reliable storage, nearline SAS storage is available to all servers.

private networking

Private networking

Build a gigabit private LAN between your virtual servers at no additional cost.


Rescue console

Permanent HTML5 KVM Console for all servers for out of bounds admin, as well as Recovery Mode



If you have special requirements that our standard packages cannot fulfill, don't hesitate to contact our sales. We've got you covered.